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What our students say ...

I really enjoyed this course. Liz's knowledge and passion were so inspiring and helpful. So much was packed into the day, and yet I left feeling energised rather than overwhelmed. The notes sent round after are excellent. I've already recommended this to loads of people!
Fruit & Vegetable Growing - Herne Hill - Feb 2024
Really enjoyable course which I would recommend to anyone wanting to really understand how to get the best from their garden and make it look attractive the whole year round. Lots of useful advice, tips, etc, and an Inclusive friendly atmosphere pitched at just the right level.
A Year in the Garden - Herne Hill - 2022-2023
I took part in the Indoor Plant course a month or two ago (which was brilliant!). You recommended a great book on plants / plant guide and their care, but I cannot find the name on my notes. Would it be possible to let me know?
Alice H
Houseplants for Beginners - Telegraph Hill - Feb 2024
Loved the course and gained so much knowledge. The discussions and very helpful feedback on the problem areas in my own garden I found particularly useful, whilst I learned a lot about other people's problem areas too.
Karen S's garden
Karen S
Making the Most of Your Garden - Telegraph Hill - May 2022
I really enjoyed the course. You clearly can't teach everything about garden design in three hours, but you did manage to convey a lot of information and I feel like I know how to approach the project. I do feel like I have a lot more to learn so I would be keen to attend another course such as the Making the most of your garden course.
Kate W's garden
Tamsin S
Introduction to Garden Design - Herne Hill - May 2022
It's so nice to be in a room with a group of people who are as interested in gardening as I am!
Zoe B's garden
Zoe B
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - May 2022
I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful Garden Design for Beginners course. It was a joy to finally make it to one of your sessions. The course certainly got wheels spinning in my head - it just felt good to be in a room conversing over and learning something I was totally absorbed in, and to have the surety that gardening is a profession I want to dive into. I’ve been eagerly planning my garden since the course and doing further research… though still finding that list of plants I’d like in the garden hard to narrow down!
Garden plans
Chloë M
Garden Design for Beginners - Herne Hill - December 2023
Brilliant teaching , inspiring and v useful. I could have had more weeks of learning . Location was great , perfect and not too many people in the class . A bit noisy with kids in nursery behind. But a lovely centre to use so didn’t really bother me . Would def do more courses.
Kate W's garden
Kate W
Making the Most of Your Garden - Telegraph Hill - May 2022
It was very informative and the group were really supportive and friendly.
Katie M
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - March 2022
Really enjoyed the course. Mima had a lot of energy and a very naturalistic, collaborative teaching style which kept us really engaged. I felt lucky to be in a small group where it was easy to call out ideas or discuss things together. The course was kind of exactly what I wanted - a big overview of garden design principles/processes, which will enable me to decide if/which topics to dive deeper into. The location was very nice (had a nice sunny day!).
Emma C
Introduction to Garden Design - Herne Hill - May 2022
Perhaps a little more structure to the session ( but not too rigid ) ... I would be up for another short course but also interested in a longer course.
Jane E's garden
Jane E
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - March 2022
Mima presented ideas clearly and free of jargon, and she listened to participants and responded very well to questions. The materials she used--photos and plans--supported what she was saying. I liked the idea of constructing a design in the class. I liked the venue, especially because it's in a gorgeous location, and it is lovely to hear the sound of children playing in the background. Having tea is another plus. I also liked Mima's use of book material. I bought a few of the books and I've read them and found them to be both very good reads and amazingly informative. Thanks!
Richard G
Garden Design for Beginners - Telegraph Hill - November 2023
I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to better my garden from Mima. She is a passionate and knowledgable teacher with great ideas and a calmness that brushes off on the rest of us. You end up wanting to learn more as it is such a fascinating subject with always more to learn.
Claudine S
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - June 2023
I really enjoyed the course, and Mima is a very knowledgeable teacher. I think to get 5 stars I would have liked a few more information help sheets to hand out e.g. annuals, perennials etc.
DF's garden
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - May 2022
More of the same please!
Emily F's garden
Emily F
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - March 2022
I loved the opportunity for a face-to-face learning experience and there is a real gap in the market for courses like this for amateurs who just want to improve their enjoyment of their garden, Mima was very knowledgeable and generous with her time. She was thoughtful and flexible about ensuring everyone got something personal and tailored out of the course.
Teresa W
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - March 2022
This is the second course I have attended at the LSOH. The first was over 9 months & this was a short day course. Liz the teacher was great. Informative, happy to answer lots of questions. Great ideas like using an oat milk carton to grow seeds in. Came away inspired and full of ideas.
Lucy E
Low Maintenance Fruit & Vegetable Growing - Herne Hill - Oct 2023
I liked the size of the group and the cosy, informal feel of the location and the session. Staff were warm and welcoming. I got a lot of ideas from Mima about things I could do to improve my garden including tips about what plants grow well in shade, plants that need 'tying in' (which I promptly attended to after day 1 of the course) and how to add areas of 'mystery' to a garden. I felt the course was value for money.
Dawn G's garden
Dawn G
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - May 2022
Georgina C's garden
Georgina C
Making the Most of Your Garden - Telegraph Hill - May 2022
Helen E's garden
Helen E
Making the Most of Your Garden - Telegraph Hill - March 2022
The picture on the projector screen could be improved.
Sarah H's garden
Sarah H
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - May 2022
I was looking for a taster of the main elements of garden design and this course was perfect for that. It was friendly and informal, and provided a nice balance between theory and practice. All the paper and equipment we needed was provided and we all got to design a small garden as part of the two classes, which was a great way to learn. Thank you!
Fiona R
Garden Design for Beginners - Herne Hill - March 2022
Louise O's garden
Louise O
Making the Most of Your Garden - Herne Hill - May 2022